Welcome to Geophysics LDA

Geophysics LDA was established in 2010 to offer innovative solutions today for the need of tomorrow through Wireline Logging Services to Define Mineral Resources for the worlds mining industry.

Our Most Popular Services

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Wireline Services
Subsurface Resource Exploration and Mine Safety Planning

offers expertise and extensive experience in wireline logging projects for mining and mineral exploration or planned expansion of existing mining sites. With over two decades and many thousands...

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Exploration Sampling and Services
Drill and Face Sampling

Our exploration sampling services increase the accuracy of resource estimates and geological interpretations through rigorous sample...

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Ground Geophysics 
We offer state-of-the-art technology in ground geophysical surveying

We are focused on becoming an established leader in exploration and engineering geophysics in Africa and Globally. Our service has been improved over the year with new technology...

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